Mercedes Vito car rental service

Min. Driver Age : 21 / Min. License Year : 1

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About Vehicle

Mercedes Vito 8+1 is one of the light commercial vehicle series of the German automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Although designed primarily for commercial purposes, this vehicle is also a suitable option for other customer segments such as families and tourism companies.

Vito 8+1 has a spacious interior designed for eight passengers and one driver. This makes it an ideal option for large families or tourist groups traveling together. The double seats in the vehicle provide enough space for a comfortable journey.

The design of the Vito 8+1 is combined with a modern and stylish appearance. The Mercedes-Benz logo and wide grilles in the front emphasize that the vehicle has a strong and durable structure. In the rear, there is a large cargo space and side doors, providing an area where passengers can easily carry their luggage.

Moreover, Vito 8+1 offers a powerful engine option. The engine in this vehicle has a power of 190 horsepower and is designed for high-performance driving. Vito 8+1 is also equipped with numerous safety features, including traction control, tire pressure sensors, trip computer, and parking assistance.

Overall, the Mercedes Vito 8+1 is a comfortable, spacious, stylish vehicle with a high-performance engine and a safe and durable structure. Therefore, it is an ideal option for families, tourism companies, and commercial customers.

Adler Belek Rent A Car is a car rental company that offers many different vehicle models such as Mercedes Vito. Mercedes Vito can be found among the vehicles offered by Adler Rent A Car, and different options can be provided according to the needs of the customers.

Adler Rent A Car's Mercedes Vito rental service is flexible, allowing customers to choose from short or long-term rental options. These options include weekly or monthly rental, unlimited mileage options, adding an extra driver, and vehicle delivery/pickup options.

Customers can also customize the Mercedes Vito they rent according to their unique needs. These options include GPS navigation, child seat, chain, in-car WiFi, side steps, roof rack, and rear seat arrangement.

Adler Rent A Car prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing quality service and affordable prices to its customers. Customers can perform the rental procedures of vehicles such as Mercedes Vito online or by visiting Adler Rent A Car's branches.

In conclusion, Adler Rent A Car provides quality service and flexible rental options to its customers, offering vehicles such as Mercedes Vito for a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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