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Min. Driver Age : 21 / Min. License Year : 1

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About Vehicle

Renault Taliant is a sedan model produced by French car manufacturer Renault under the Dacia brand. Taliant is a variation of the Dacia Logan and features the characteristics of Dacia's "Bigster" concept car.

Taliant is a modernly designed vehicle that offers many features. The front grille has a unique design specific to the Renault brand, and the headlights also have a modern look. The sides of the car are smooth, and at the rear of the vehicle, there is a spacious trunk compartment and modern taillights.

Taliant stands out with its spacious interior and comfortable seats. Inside the car, there are many features such as a modern touchscreen, digital instrument panel, air conditioning system, and multimedia features. The car's safety features are also highly developed and include driver assistance systems, collision prevention systems, blind spot warnings, and many other features.

Taliant's engine options include gasoline and diesel engines, and automatic and manual transmission options are available. Among the engine options are a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine, a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, and a larger 1.3-liter gasoline engine option.

In conclusion, Renault Taliant is a vehicle with modern design, spacious interior, and many features and safety options. It is ideal for both city and highway driving and can be an attractive option for many drivers.

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Thanks to the 1.0-liter turbo gasoline engine of Renault Taliant, it offers low fuel consumption and high performance. Moreover, with its spacious interior, it provides a comfortable ride for five passengers and makes your journeys more enjoyable with its large trunk.

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