Information Form

By signing the Car Rental Agreement (hereinafter, the "Contract"), an example of which is attached, the parties will enter into a mutual contractual relationship and assume a debt. The terms of the contract for both parties have been mutually evaluated one by one, together with all their legal and financial consequences.

As the tenant __________; Firm Turizm Taşımacılık Ticaret A.Ş. (Briefly the "Company"), that I have been informed by the authorities and that I have determined these provisions by examining the contract,

I am aware of the financial and legal consequences of these provisions contrary to my interests,

During the examination and negotiation of the contract, I was informed verbally in detail about the content of the contract by Rent A Car V4 officials, all my questions about the contract were answered, I was informed about Escar's phone number and e-mail address so that I could get additional information, I have had the opportunity to examine the terms of the contract on the website with the extension, that the contract includes penal terms, interest and similar provisions that are binding on me; However, by mutually exchanging the benefits I will gain under the contract and the results of the provisions against me in the contract, I accept all the provisions of the contract without objection and of my free will,

In particular, but not limited to the articles listed below, in the Contract:

If the Vehicle Delivery Form is not signed during both delivery and return, I will be deemed to have accepted its content, If I have an objection to the Form, I will have an appraisal done by the expert, whose expenses I will cover, otherwise my objections will not be taken into account, All expenses and side expenses (fuel, hgs, parking, etc.) ) uploaded by me,

That I have received the vehicle with its full gas tank and if I do not return it in this way, I will pay a penalty of 25% over the difference fuel fee, I will cover all kinds of damages that are not covered by the insurance and any damages that may arise as a result of the use of the vehicle in violation of the contract, that I will deliver it to Escar in

For the traffic fines that Rent A Car V4 has to pay on my behalf, I will pay a service fee of 20 TL per fine,

Rental cost, expense, side expense, penal clause etc. If I am late in any payment, 5% monthly interest will be charged on the total debt,

I declare and undertake that the contract costs (stamp tax, etc.) are completely borne by me, and that the phone, audio and video recordings are of the nature of evidence in accordance with the contract, without objection and of my own free will. The contract sample was examined by the parties on the lease date, evaluated by mutual discussion, and these two copies, the Contract Information and Evaluation Report, were drawn up in accordance with the agreement reached.